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STO/Cryptic:PC Patch Notes for 9/20/22
PC Patch Notes for 9/20/22


Resolved an issue that can sometimes cause Captains to appear stuck walking forward during the TFO “Storm Chasers” and Episode “Eye of the Storm”. 
Resolved an issue that was causing Test Dummies to appear in the Captains Table area. 
Resolved an issue that would sometime require multiple selection inputs when interacting with contacts while playing in a team during the episode, “Eye of the Storm”.  
Resolved an issue where the infiltrator Bridge Officer traits of different ranks stacked with each other. 
Updated the Starship Trait: Temporal Surge so that the Untargetability duration should now properly be reduced against other players.  
Resolved an issue that was causing the "Deadly Appearances" Starship Trait to not have its intended lockout period. Reduced lockout period from 60sec to 40sec. 
Resolved an issue that was causing the episode, “Eye of the Storm”, to display an incorrect destination location in the mission journal.  
Added a 4th color choice for Terran Emperor Outfit: Wristguard 2 for Female and Male Captains.  
We've added new destinations to Alpha, Delta, and Gamma Quadrant in the Tour of Galaxy.  

You can gain even more rewards... if you can go fast enough! 


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