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STO/Cryptic:PC Patch Notes for 9/13/22
PC Patch Notes for 9/13/22

Event – The Emperor’s Will: 

This Featured Event will be a standalone event, separate from the Event Campaign. This new event will provide participating Captains with an epic reward: The Terran Somerville Scout Ship [T6]! 

Captains can earn one daily progress per account per day by playing any of the following: 

New Episode: The Eye of the Storm 
Episode: The Calling 
Episode: Red Shift 
Episode: Blue Shift 
New TFO: Storm Chasers 
TFO: Forged in Fire 
TFO: Iuppiter Iratus 
TFO: Counterpoint 


Accruing a total of 20 points of Daily Progress will allow you to claim Terran Somerville Scout Ship [T6]! 
Bonus Rewards: 

After claiming the Grand Prize, you will unlock the option of earning additional Dilithium Ore each day, beginning at 8,000 Dilithium Ore for the first day’s completion.  

Zen Buyout Option:  

For players interested in instantly completing the Heart of the Storm event, we will be offering an updated method for buying out. 

Within the new Event UI, an option will be presented that allows you to purchase the remaining progress that you need, for a scaling amount of Zen. 

For more information, please visit the “The Emperor's Will Event!” blog at: 

New Content:  

Discover “The Eye of the Storm”, a brand new Episode being featured in the Mission Journal as well as being included as part of the event!  
Participate in the new Task Force Operation, “Storm Chasers”, a companion TFO for the Eye of the Storm episode as part of the new Season, Ascension! 

For more information, please visit the “New TFO: Storm Chasers” blog at: 

Elite Bridge Officer Training:  

The Elite Captain training program is now expanding to include Elite Bridge Officer Candidates.  
With the purchase of an Elite Bridge Officer Token, Captains may upgrade one of the Bridge Officers on their account to instantly add the following: 

Upgrade to Ultra Rare, upgrading all Inherent Traits to maximum rank for their respective types. 
Learn all standard Bridge Officer abilities (see the Upgrade Token details for a complete list). 
1 Kit Frame Slot. 
1 Personal Ground Trait Slot. 
1 Device Slot. 

All Captains, once per account, will receive 1 free Elite Bridge Officer Token that can be found in the Promotion Tab of the Zen Store.  

For more information, please visit the “Elite Bridge Officer Training!” blog at: 

Fleet Updates:  

The Fleet system has been updates to include all new high quality rewards as well as general improvements to the overall experience! 

Your fleet transwarp to Bajor now actually goes to Bajor! 
Members of Klingon fleets should find it much easier to get the attention of their transporter officer for beam-out now. 
Fleet-specific missions now have their own section in the mission journal. 
Every holding now has new Tier 3 rewards, including several ultra-rare duty officers, all of the type you'd expect:  

Romulans from the Embassy, Voth from the Spire, time-displaced officers from K-13, miners from the dilithium mine, Krenim R&D crew from the research lab, and Lukari and Kentari from the colony world.  
Some of these duty officers have new features or unusual active roster abilities, while others have desirable combinations of traits! And of course, higher quality in a duty officer is always a plus. 

In addition, each holding at Tier 3 now has an ultra-rare admiralty ship, again themed to the holding in question.  

Each of these is a T6 ship card for a named version of a ship from that holding, and several have unusual special bonus powers. 

Resolved an issue that caused certain rare-quality Romulan Embassy bridge officers to become very rare quality when commissioned—not to worry, though, if you already have one it won't change, and there are new very rare-quality Superior Romulan Operatives at the Embassy. 
Updated the Federation Starbase Fleet transporter operator options to be easier to navigate. 
Resolved an issue that sometimes caused Klingon starbase crew to walk behind the transporter console instead of around it.  

For more information, please visit the “New Rewards for Fleets!” blog at: 



Resolved an issue with the Elite Fleet Colony "Restorative Pulse" weapon proc, which was preventing it from triggering correctly when using Mines or Targetable Torpedoes.  

It will now have a chance of being triggered by these firing modes at the time the projectiles are created (not when they land).  

The Universal Console - Hull Image Refractors has been updated to have a cap of total magnitude equal to ship's Hull Capacity instead of 20 stacks.  
The power damage scaling for the Universal Console - Tholian Webspinner Array has been adjusted to bring it more in line with other consoles. 
The Universal Console - Neutronic Eddies has been updated so that Eddies no longer stack their damage and drain with each other against the same target, but instead provide +10% damage and drain for each additional eddy; reduced the shield drain. 
The Universal Console - Agony Redistributer has been updated to cap the maximum amount of damage that can be transferred at 244,000. 
Resolved an issue that was causing the Cidarian Defender to not display Borg Attachments properly.  
Resolved a typo in the Personal Space Trait, “Varuvian Explosives”. 
New Romulus Updates:  

Updated New Romulus in the mission journal so you don't have to play each instance (mountain pass, overgrown caves, underground ruins) twice.  
Resolved an issue that asked you to "choose" a box of Romulan marks when turning in several missions, even though there was no alternative choice. 
Several updates to the underground ruins/power plant instance:  

At the end of the mission Secret of the Agents, the Tholian Captain will no longer include minions.  
Added an FX icon to overloading consoles so that it's easier to see where you need to go.  
Updated Exit button so that it doesn't appear if you are still in the process of turning in your findings to the Republic and haven't finished with the story yet. 
Resolved a typo in description of last geological instability.  
Resolved an issue that could cause Captains and Bridge Officers to take damage/die after respawning due to EV suit failing to turn on.  

Known Issues: 

There is a known issue that can sometimes cause a newly commissioned ship to display as invalid.  

This can be resolved by moving to a new map.  

Event Buyout for The Emperor's Will is currently disabled

The event buyout will appear free, this is a visual bug. Clicking the button will not purchase the event.




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