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Mirror Event
With the upcoming Mirror Event, I thought I would make a post to put forth some of what I saw last time it came around. Hopefully this will help some of the newer players when they go in there to grind away.

Last time it could get bad if you had afk'ers. (People who just sat there until last ship came out) To get around this I suggest the following. Go in with a fleet team or use a custom channel like PVElites or Reddit channel (/channel_join RedditChat).

When your in there try and use same tactics as BDC, i.e. have 1 ship distract while another closes rifts. Closing the rifts are the key to this event. The faster rifts are closed the easier it will be.

Last Phase I usually go around and close the final 5 rifts then take on capital ship

As a side note: I have 9 toons that I will be doing this one everyday. When I grind it like that I do it on the lowest difficulty there is so hit me up and odds are if its early enough I will still be doing them.
Any recommendations on how to do it for elite?

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