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I found two cool german foundry mission series (three meanwhile)
They are not mine but I really loved both series:

good story, some amazing effects:
[Image: foundry-de-photonen.png]

great story, several changes of pace, some humor, battles:

[Image: foundry-de-galaxy.png]
They are german language. If you can handle that w/o google, you should not miss them.

[Image: sig-001.png]
I might try those.

However crappy my German is Tongue

I *should* be able to manage. I would be good practice anyway Big Grin
This week I played another great Foundry Mission Series from a German author for KDF, enjoying 1 mission a day. Hint for mission 2: cloak and do the battle in the 2nd map (asteroids) from north to south, as NPCs tend to kill the mission contact:
[Image: foundry-de-sieg-ueber-die-foederation.png]

[Image: sig-001.png]

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