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About the new bundle ships

 What do you think about these new ships to be honest the reason i took an interest is because the console on the ships help scientific readiness

so that might come in handy to my main toon but still since i only have 2 sci toons (might create a 3rd later on) i dunno if that is worth the investment so i want to see opinions on this 1st , mostly because i really need at least to get the delta pack and i am still thinking on waiting on the possible big pack that could come out with discovery and i am pretty much limited to in game currency and dilithium generating schemes xD
note that the ship trait seems pretty useful (i mean the more ships that attack you the better your ships stats become). The thing is it stacks but can only get 1 per ship attacking you, so if the same ship attacks you, only one stack of the buff you will get.

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