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Hull Heals for Friends and Family!
The Universal Endeavor is 50k hull heals... for your teammates.


Most of us have great shields and great hulls, so taking damage is challenging enough - but getting your teammate to take damage so you can heal it is even harder.

May I suggest the following: choose a ship with Engineering team (or other hull heals), hook up with a friend, unequip your shields, and pick up the patrol "Within the Briars". Enter the metreon gas pockets, and fire away. Have your friend keep within 10 klicks of where you are, and you targeted as you do this.

As soon as you begin to take damage, have him/her click on the hull heals they are using. Rinse and repeat until they hit 50k of heals - then switch roles, re-equip your shields, let them drop their trousers... I mean shields... and blow up some more metreon gas until you can heal them as well.

Afterwards, complete the mission as directed (or do the mission, then play in the metreon pockets.)

Ruins of doom works for this as well. One of you sits near the mutated spores, takes damage every 20 seconds, and the other one heals.

Another challenging challenge resolves through teamwork and evil cunning.

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