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STO/Cryptic:PC Patch Notes for 10/24/19
PC Patch Notes for 10/24/19


Lifetime Subscription updates:

The following unlocks have been added to the Lifetime Subscription perks for Jem’Hadar characters:

Veteran uniform options.
A Veteran ship material option for Jem’Hadar Starships.
The Jem’Hadar Vanguard Heavy Destroyer [T6] and Fleet Jem’Hadar Vanguard Heavy Destroyer [T6].
Note that your character will have to complete the tutorial mission before these perks will become available to your character.

For more details, visit the, “Jem'Hadar Veteran Rewards!” blog at:


The ability to buyout the previous Coupon Progress Token Event, which is now called Event Campaign, has been added.

Players can access the buyout in the Reputation UI where the old campaign progress is located.
Any previous progress while playing Operation Riposte, Crystalline Cataclysm, and The Arena of Sompek between April and August will contribute towards a prorated discount of the buyout.
After purchasing the buyout, claiming the coupon reward can be done from the old campaign progress UI.
If there was no progress made towards the Coupon Progress Token Event then the UI will be removed.

Resolved an issue that prevented several projects from auto-completing in the old Event Reputation UI.

Those projects will now be auto-completed, granting you the rewards.


Resolved a typo in one of the objectives, where it inaccurately referred to the mission "Storm Clouds Gather" as just "Stormcloud".


Resolved an issue that prevented weapon haste from consistently speeding up the firing rate of weapons.
Resolved an issue that prevented the Mirror Escort Carrier from being commissioned with the Graviton Implosion Projector equipped. Players affected by this issue can claim that weapon from the reclaim store.
The passive boosts on the Rebounding Resonant Frequencies Universal Console now scale with the player's level.
Resolved an issue that caused Dual Heavy Altamid Plasma Cannons to use Cannon Rapid Fire 3 under the effects of Cannon Rapid Fire 1 and vice versa.
Resolved an issue that caused Piezo-Polaron Dual Beam Banks to have incorrect visuals during Beams: Overload.
Updated the power buff icon on the Pink Genetically-Altered Tribble.



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