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STO/Cryptic:PC Patch Notes for 9/17/20
PC Patch Notes for 9/17/20


Resolved an issue that could prevent Captains from being able to attack one group of enemies over Boreth during the Klingon mission, “Afterlife”. 
Resolved an issue that would sometimes prevent progression during the “To Hell with Honor” TFO when the reactors were destroyed too quickly.  
Resolved an issue with Shield Distribution Duty Officers that enhance Draw Fire sometimes applying Weapons Malfunction Resistance, instead of Weapons Malfunction to attackers. 
The effects of the "Abalative Hazard Shielding" console will now be correctly removed if the item is unequipped while they are active. 
Orion Cutpurse Fighters (all ranks) may now be used by Klingon-allied Romulans and Jem'Hadar, in addition to KDF. 
Added the option to Hide Team Status UI.  
Added a duration indicator to the tooltip of the Karfi's Phase Shift console power. 


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