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STO/Cryptic:PC Patch Notes for 3/11/21
PC Patch Notes for 3/11/21


Captains that did not receive their Event Campaign Progress, due to a previous issue that prevented Legacy Progress contribution, will have that progress awarded to them. 
The Janeway Command Science Vessel can no longer be exported to Gameprint. 

All “Federation Phaser Beam Array (32c.)” space weapons will now show correct FX on firing. 
Resolved an issue that was preventing the "Mycelial Realm" TFO from appearing in the PvE TFO UI. 
Resolved an issue with the Bridge Officer reward from Klingon Recruitment causing it to be Rare instead of Very Rare.  

If you already claimed a Rare version, head to your Temporal Agent to reclaim the reward for a Very Rare version. You'll have to dismiss the Rare version to do so. 

Resolved an issue that was causing the Environmental Suit (23rd Century) to not display fully when worn.  
Resolved an issue that was causing various outfits and tailor pieces to not display properly for Discovery Klingon Captains.  
Inspiration (Command Spec Ship Ability):  

Activating Bridge Officer Abilities now generates 20% more Inspiration than it previously did. 

Call Emergency Artillery:  

Added a slight delay before firing begins, so that more of the damage is dealt in the intended area, instead of at your current location. 
Increased area of damage from 2km to 2.5km. 
Damage now applies twice as frequently (every 1 sec instead of 2 sec). 
Cooldown reduced from 90sec to 60sec 

Needs Of The Many: 

Increase Temporary Hitpoints values granted by this ability to double the previous values. 
Updated targeting to include all nearby allies that either are players, or are owned by players, within the affected radius (15km). 
Cooldown reduced from 60sec to 50sec.

Overwhelm Emitters: 

Triggers will no longer be consumed by DOT ticks, or very low sources of damage. 
Doubled magnitude of both Shield Drain and Shield Healing at all ranks (from 10/15/20% to 20/30/40%). 

Reroute Power from Life Support: 

Recharge penalty now only affects Bridge Officer Abilities 
Reduced the recharge penalty from 5% to 2% per tick 

Subspace Interception: 

Now can only be used to save Players. 
Recharge reduced from 90sec to 40sec. 
Duration scales up more aggressively with rank (was 6/8/10, now 6/12/18). 
Removed variable immunity durations. 
Replaced +Defense with +Damage Resistance Rating (self buff). 
Added Heal-over-Time effect to saved teammate. 
Added an AOE Taunt that will trigger after teleporting (only if Threatening Stance is active). 

Suppression Barrage: 

Cooldown reduced from 60sec to 45sec. 

All rollover buff drops are now classified as "Buffs" instead of "Status" (green icon instead of blue). 


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