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Klingon Strike Group Fleet Mark Farming September 9 & 10
I host a Fleet Mark farming event during this week end on Saturday and Sunday, 18:00 UTC to 21:00 UTC. Look into Fleet Events for your local time/date.

Klingon Strike Group has it's the T5 Uprade project for Communication Arrays open, and when that is done we will get access to Elite Hangar Ships!
For our Engineering facility another big T5 Upgrade project is at the event horizon.

For this I run
Advanced Chrystaline Catastrophe
Defera Hardmode Missions - Team size 3 to 5
Undine Assault Advanced - Team size 5, KDF or interfaction mix if allies from the Federation like to join.

When a tour is done I will change to another Character. You can join whenever I start a new tour. Your Chars & Friends are welcome regardless of their fleet.

I will be on Teamspeak all time, and suggest to join. Especially UAA asks for a bit coordination for maximum rewards.

For Honor, Victory & Fun!

[Image: sig-001.png]

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