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September 16/17 - Marks Weekend Event with Strike Group!
Dear mates,
I run Space STFs this weekend and maybe a bit on Defera or in the Dyson Sphere. All Captains at Level 50+ are welcome regardless of Fleet Rank or Fleet Affliction.
I run my Starfleet Strike Group character(s) as Tour Guide on Saturday and my Klingon Strikegroup character(s) on Sunday. However when possible I make interfaction teams - there just need to be 5 of us for private queues.
I can always pick something from my prepared favorite list. As these runs are for you, I will first serve your calls to those battles you like to do.
The Events start at 19:00 UTC and go for up to 3 hours. Check the Fleet Events to see how that fits at your time zone.
Join as you like, stay as long as you like!

I am looking forward to see you in battle!

[Image: sig-001.png]
Another awesome afternoon (two of them!) We were delighted to get some different players in the game - so thanks to everyone who played!

If you weren't on (or if you felt shy about joining in, these group events are for everyone, newbs and 'old-timers' alike. We all get better from playing with people who are here to support us as players; we share and learn - and today we learned a lot, while earning marks a plenty!

So join us next time!

Morale of today..!!!??
Spend more time on getting my shuttle upgraded.
But great hours spent with good mates..

-=There are 4 lights=-

Ed, you are EVIL!
Currently I have a fun explosion here:
From The Breach records I did this week end want to make a movie, and have 2 more ideas in the queue.
I got a C64 emulator installed and Lord British's Ultima I - IV waiting to be played in plain 2D graphix.
AND I am watching The Expanse on Netflix.

[Image: sig-001.png]

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