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We are on TV.. :) Or rather YT
The other day I was watching a video of a dude I follow on YT. (Star Trek of course)

He had recorded a video about Cryptics Halloween-costume competition where they visited 3 different instances on Risa and declared a few winners that would receive a prize.

In the last part of the stream, the YT-Streamer actually made it to one of the instance by getting a team-invite by another player.
During that scenario the dude's name seemed familiar to me.. After I did some digging (watched the video again) I reallized it was Brad@SockableClaw..

This nice gesture clearly shows what kind of people we are in SSG / KSG..

Star Trek Online - Halloween Costume Contest 2017 - and go to around ~40 mins into the video.

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-=There are 4 lights=-
Hey, I know that guy! Tongue
And I totally forgot to appraise that awesome and wellmade costume.. Smile

-=There are 4 lights=-
Our Brad shows the universe what a REAL fleet is about. Brad, YOU ROCK!
AND Tanz - YOU ROCK too for finding this!

Love you guyz!
D'awwww mom. Smile *hugs you* I'm so proud to be in this fleet!
I was there too. lol 

Can see me on the far right at about 48 min. into the vid, dressed as the Rocketeer! 

That was you!? How cool?!.. *BROFIST*

-=There are 4 lights=-
The Event was fun - the "Shrek in a dress" is mine ;-)

[Image: sig-001.png]
Wow! I didn't even know there was an event. You guys are so COOOL!
(11-17-2017, 04:53 AM)Sovereign Wrote: I was there too. lol 

Can see me on the far right at about 48 min. into the vid, dressed as the Rocketeer! 

You have some kickass costumes Sov!  Big Grin *puts a cookie on your head*

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