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A different kind of challenge
UPDATE: Edarta pointed out a glaring disconnect between the linked VPvP rules and my vision for this thread, so I rewrote the OP.

This thread is a place to post optimized non-endgame builds, so fresh level 50 (really, level 45) players can make affordable builds that will help them be competitive and have fun despite their disadvantage. This should also make their grind for endgame gear easier.

For kicks and giggles, let's theory-craft builds that don't use any fleet/reputation/upgraded gear, and would be accessible to anyone playing Vanilla PVP.

Places to find cheap gear:
STO Wiki: Episode Replay (not as complete or up to date as it ought to be)
/r/STOBuilds (has stuff missing from the previous link)

Researching the Vanilla PvP community is a good place to start looking for builds, especially if you're as surprised as I am, regarding the dearth of exceptional Engineering consoles.
Romulan ships pay for their Singularity powers with a power level reduction of 40 and the rules posted do not allow to use these powers.

No one can force me to join Tongue

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Let me clarify my intent: You can use whatever is available to you without using fleet/reputation equipment, or anything of a mark/rarity greater than Mk XI blue (Mk X purple is okay; Ultra rare/Epic items of any kind are not).

Romulans can have whatever advantages come with their ship, but their non-built-into-ship advantages, like SROs received from normal leveling rewards, are not allowed.
Warbirds run on singularities, and only on singularities. They come with a white singularity that has certain powers. The Singularties are considered balanced by having less energy. Denying Romulans using the built-in singularity powers of their free ships but cope with the also built-in low energy levels is unbalancing.

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I'm sorry if my meaning was unclear-- As you said, Romulan ships can only use singularity cores, so (in my mind) it's effectively a power built into Romulan ships, and that's okay. Is anything else unclear?
The exclusion list on the web page is longer than my arm and their

no using warp core/singularity active powers

made me stop reading more...

I suggest to make your own rules set if you want set up an event of your own.

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My intent was to make a place for optimizing non-endgame builds because grinding sucks, and it sucks more if you don't know how to do it efficiently. The only people (that I know of) who are already working on this are the Vanilla PvP community, so I figured it would be simple to play by their rules. Evidently, this is more complicated than I anticipated.

OP is updated, accordingly.

Without further ado, I've started researching existing VPvP builds. So far, I've found science/torpedo ships whose builds revolve around exotic damage, and self-healing. Here is another high-aux build, this time using a drain instead of a grav well.

This Mirror Patrol Escort uses a Dual Beam Bank instead of a torpedo, and is BOFFed accordingly.

A beam boat! Though, honestly I wonder if it would perform better with fewer beams, because because by the time its 8th beam fires, its weapons power should be down to 30 or 40 (20-40% loss in damage), depending on recharge math. This beam boat seems more viable, with two EPtWs to maintain its weapons power level.

And finally, a healer.

All of the linked builds were made with PvP exclusively in mind, so each build, with the exception of the Torpedo Spread ability and maybe Gravity Well, is focused on managing one target at a time. For the record, "Beam: Overload" sucks.

The Mirror Universe ships can be purchased from the exchange.
Here are sets of space gear that can be earned as mission rewards:
Here are sets of ground gear that can be obtained from mission rewards: These EVA suits can be obtained for free: In order to upgrade the Jem'Hadar set for free, check out this link in our forum.
Your Beamboat is the Support Cruiser Retrofit, a T5 variant of the T3 Ambassador class we get from the Temporal Ambassador mission.

It's not available just now: This ship is a limited time reward, available to players who complete the mission “Temporal Ambassador” during the 3 Year Anniversary Event from January 31st to February 18th. It was also made available again on Monday September 1st, 2014 as part of the end of summer celebration.
I would focus for mirror ships builds: Mirror ships come in all variations, many are great vessels and Exchange EC prices are affordable. I can imagine that many mates have a pile of them, unused and waiting to get into space.

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I suggest to settle to Mk XI for the Mission loot sets. Level 60s can't loot smaller.

Also look to the Arrrgh! PENG! Torpedo - as aft weapon a great asset.

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If a T5 event needs just one more man, I unmothed one of my greatest ships, the ERLKOENIG.

Weapons and Consoles are R&D, and lowest the Mk set equipment I (lvl 60) could loot from missions today - just remind me to remove Rep Traits, Ship Traits and switch to my weakest Specializations.

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Just a note about specializations: I'm not sure if it's reasonable, or even possible, for players to nerf their own specializations once they've filled out their spec tree, and I think this is the reason that Vanilla PvP fell apart in the first place.

Also, with DOFFs, is there a bug that causes you to lose a DOFF when you click "remove from active duty"?
Only active Specs give their bonus from spoints spent - I would switch to Commando (no bonus in space) and Command (4 points spent - 6% hull bonus). The Mirror Escort is agile as hell, adding my pilot and intel tree bonuses would be gross.

My DOff roster stayed intact when I removed a DOff from duty (have the fleet's extra DOff slot, so that was a must when setting up the ship)

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Posting for research, not because it meets the requirements-- I'm more intrigued by the free/cheap gear, and am ignoring the reputation pieces. As the OP notes: she's a squishy one, and is probably only held together by her reputation duct tape.


The mirror escort build should get a Samsar as company if you look for a robust ship. As the Kobali Warp Core is currently only availabe when you own the Samsar from Q's last Anniverssary, that oppotunity should not be nissed Smile

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