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Fleet banner
Hello guys i was thinking since a few weeks to make a banner with the letters in 3d and ships of our fleet in the background of the banner, i was thinking were to put the photos and today i thought we could make a facebook for the fleet so that we can take photos of our ships in group and then use the best image and select one via vote of the members of the fleet, i got some photos even one on action but i have been unable to get more than one ship on the screen, it would be good if we did something about that, waiting to see what you guys think about that, salute.
Can you point to any examples? I'd say for the moment, use tinypic, its free, and can do large and small images.

Lets see it Smile
ok the letters would be in 3d and with an effect to simulate the blue or red collors showed on the nacelles of the popular ships of the series then having ships on the fleet attacking or passing throught the breach elite like in this photo Your text to link here...
waiting on your feekback guys
I understand now.   I have like 60 decent images from tonight, but here's a simple take on it....

[Image: 2w6wajo.jpg]

not bad but i think the letters should have a luminescent blur like the nacelles on the ships
Agreed! I just did that to "visualize" the concept. Guess we need to decide sizes for each type, and get some fleet members making some suggestions of what the picture should be of!

I can do some decent image editing with google and a little time. But if anyone else is graphically inclined, we can dld the originals

Heres that one:
here is thhe link to what i did xD http://es.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=e1bwb...vh7sLTZd8E
ok here is the color i wanted, the idea is that it looks like plasma, sadly i coudlnt eliminate the black in the 3d for the letters, well here its http://es.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2mxqr...vovXrTZd8E
ill do what you want tonight and post it.

in the meantime, see if you can get fleet members on here to put into words their ideas and suggestions
will do in the afternoon when i get to a wifi also man i decided to take the offer of the lottery so could you take into account the 2k dilithium i already put on the proyect? i you could accept that it would be great cuz this night i can refine with brittanie and i could give her 8k dilithium and try 2 tickets if you are alright with that cuz i am plannig on getting brittanie in a obelisk carrier
Sounds like you fell in love Sick
I cannot take the 2k, it must be witnessed - this will keep us all honest and avoids any potential complaints. I'm sure you understand.

See an officer anytime and let them guide you and your entry will ne accepted.

see ya'll tobight 7est-ish
I prefer a style authentic, http://download.fontmeme.com/fonts/78/fi...ntier.html
I thought we had a lot of ships at the time, however it doesn't appear that way, the left is totally empty. A fleet event scheduled may be a good way to elicit more attendees, for a better presence.
Sorry I haven't done it yet, but I'll get to it soon
As promised....

[Image: 2afig7c.png]
Comments please?
A few more:

[Image: 4ggmfr.png]
[Image: 97mjco.png]
[Image: 5l3238.png]
its a start wish there where more of the fleet but all in all it looks good thanks ver
the 2nd photo looks better than the first one lol the last one looks like we are in a hurry lol i like them all
The last one in the post above is all of us transwarping at once. Kinda neat.
Love them all, except the one with Zayl in! Big Grin

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