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Bridge Officers on Ground - Moar Power to the Strong
It's again specializing and skilling 4 BOs same way.

This solution is impressive when your Captain is already nicely equipped and you gave some love to your BOs.
Essentially these abilities buff your damage (percentages!) and resistances or debuff foes. Situation awareness is built into abilities or the BOs AI do the job.
And these things tend to stack.

Pick 4 any (any) Bridge Officers for your away team.
  1. Train them by 4 Specialisation Manuals in Command.
  2. Teach them by 4 Training Manuals  Return Fire-3.
  3. Teach them by 4 Training Manuals  Hammer and Anvil-3.
  4. Teach them by 4 Training Manuals from NPC   Shock and Awe-1.
  5. Select Command as active specialisation and select Skills.
  6. DONE!

If you can not create the manuals on your own: send me an ingame mail with 12 PADDS - I build them for you.


P.S. No video this time

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I don't know if it's appropriate to talk about your captain being 'nicely equipped' (heh heh), but love this idea and will try it out!
Teenager voice: Mooom!

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