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Aishi's Pahvo Tipps
Aishi's Pahvo Tips
For immediate Redistrubution to the Fleets.

The Best tactics for Pahvo that I've seen are as follows:
Split into 2 groups and start clearing 2 areas this should take about 5 minutes, with the first group that clears their Region heading towards the third untouched region.
Remember if you start purification of the 3rd Crystal in a region with LESS then 90 seconds on the timer you will NOT clear it in time.  Better to save those CDs for the Battle at the spire.
Eng Captains, Turrets here are your friend!  Used often and in conjunction with a doff that increases the chance for a second turret to be beamed down can make the difference!  Both in Defending the crystals during purification but also with defending the roots.  Use your Shield ability to drop a shield in front of the most exposed Crystal to give it added protection.
Drones are also helpful, like Tac Teams they will chase after the enemy and could drop them before they get to the crystals/roots however they can start attacking multiple targets and get wiped out quicker.
Rez!  If you're at a 2nd or 3rd Crystal and someone falls rez them so they are back in the fight sooner!
During the Boss Fight with the Captains Focus on them!  If they go down quick, then you don't need to worry about defending the roots after that!  Otherwise have 3 on the Capts and 2 on Root Patrol!
Finally Gearing!  A 65 Jem'Hadar with their STARTING gear can clear a region (might take a little longer but they can do it!) so you DON'T need UBER gearing to solo a region!!

Stay Safe out there Captains!
End Transmission

Heart Thanks you, Sis Heart

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Great advice! I would like to add that this works even in PUGs where communications might be dicey with fellow players. Watch who runs where in the first section, and then follow a solo player (providing you don't feel comfy going solo - though if you gear up as Aishi recommends, you can.) If you find you have three people in your group in the early portion of the game, and your team is handling it well, identify the other teams, and join a weaker one and help them. You can do this by watch the progression bars on the screen.
I just tried this, and we finished all three paths with more than three minutes to spare, then took out the elite captains quickly and painlessly. For us, that is: not so much for them.
Thanks Aishi! Great advice!

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