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I finally got it to work, I think.

This is the current build of the USS Insight, any suggestions, comments or insight (no pun intended). would be appreciated.  

I would change some of the Bridge Officer Abilities as some things do not work fine IMO. This should help adjusting w/o changing the vessels character:

Attack Pattern: Omega II - ask fleet mates for an Attack Attack Pattern: Omega III BO manual. Tactician Captains can build them.

3 * Beam Overload is 1 too much: when you active A, duplicate cooldown affects both B & C
The subsystem targeting attacks interfere with beam overload too, cooldown-wise.

I suggest 2* Beam Overload-2 and 2* Torpedo Spread-1

If you have reasons for the tactical BO in the universal ensign seat
  • have one of the torpedo spread-1 abilities there
  • train the Tactical Commander as Intel specialist, and have Intel Team-1
If you had no specific reason: a science BO with Hazard Emitters might be cool.

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I think have an OMEGA III in my bank..
Just holler at me, and I will email it to you..
I might also have some Spreads as well..

-=There are 4 lights=-

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