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STO/Cryptic:PC Patch Notes for 11/21/19
PC Patch Notes for 11/21/19


Resolved an issue that caused some Bridge Officers to be generated with an incomplete costume.

Visiting the tailor should resolve affected Bridge Officers. 

Resolved an issue that was causing the, “Into the Breach” Welcome screen to be inaccessible when first logging in. 
Removed the disclaimer on the Cyborg Miracle Worker Bridge Officer that you cannot reclaim them for free after purchase.
Made the Reman Liberated Borg Bridge Officers purchased from the Zen store tradable.
Resolved an issue that would sometimes prevent the Plasma Plumes from being visible during the “Into the Breach” Task Force Operation. 


Resolved an issue that was causing certain choice-based rewards to lump items that should always be rewarded, in with the choices that players are asked to make. 

This change should revert all such behavior to how it is intended to work, and give those items in addition to the choices being made. 
This was primarily affecting rewards in the Tzenkethi and Badlands Battlezones, as well as Defera Ground Borg Invasion, but was also an issue present in numerous other places.

Resolved an issue that was occurring on some basic EV Suits, where they would begin applying some of their effects when double-clicked, but could not be removed. 

These items should appear in the Overflow Bag for affected characters.


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