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STO/Cryptic:Command the Fek'Ihri Fe'rang!
Command the Fek'Ihri Fe'rang!

During the upcoming 2019 Winter Event, players participating in the festivities available at Q’s Winter Wonderland can earn Daily Event Progress towards an exciting new ship by participating in any of the following activities once per day. As with other recent events, progress towards this ship is account-wide, as is the final reward!

Fastest Game on Ice
Klingon Ice Fishing
Tides of Ice
The Fast and the Flurrious
Cones of Conduct
The Kramp’Ihri

Earning a total of 20 Daily Progress will allow players to claim a Fek'Ihri Fe'rang Dreadnought Carrier [T6]!

Once this starship is obtained by any character on your account, all of the characters on your account will be able to claim the Fek'Ihri Fe'rang Dreadnought Carrier [T6] from the Account Claim tab within the Event Store (in the Event Tab of the Mission Journal).

We are also excited to announce that this starship will be the available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on the same date!

Fek'Ihri Fe’rang Dreadnought Carrier [T6]

The Fek'Ihri Dreadnought Carrier is a terrifying Fek’Ihri vessel. In addition to its intimidating size, the fearsome maw that sits atop it, and the blasts of fire that it emits, it ferries with it the lost souls of Gre’thor to cause torment and wreak havoc.

The Fek’Ihri Fe’rang features a Lieutenant Commander Science/Miracle Worker Specialization seat.

Ship Details:

Tier: 6
Faction: Any
Required Rank: Complete the Tutorial
Hull Modifier: 1.4
Shield Modifier: 1.05
Fore Weapons: 4
Aft Weapons: 3
Device Slots: 3
Bridge Officer Stations: Ensign Tactical, Commander Tactical, Lieutenant Commander Engineering, Lieutenant Commander Science/Miracle Worker, Lieutenant Universal
Consoles: 5 Tactical, 4 Engineering, 2 Science (scales with level)
Base Turn Rate: 5
Impulse Modifier: .14
Inertia: 30
+10 Weapons Power, +5 Shield Power, +5 Auxiliary Power
Console - Universal - Open the Maw of Gre’thor
2 Hangar Bays, equipped with Lost Souls of Gre'thor
Starship Mastery Package (Carrier)

Quick Deployment (+Hangar Launch Recharge Speed)
Armored Hull (+Max Hull Capacity)
Enhanced Hull Plating (+Energy Damage Resistance Rating)
Advanced Shield Systems (+Max Shield Capacity)
Fiery Entrance (Starship Trait)

Admiralty Ship Details:

Eng: 40
Sci: 24
Tac: 62
Special: +10 Tac per ENGShip

Ship Gear:

Console – Universal – Open the Maw of Gre’thor

The Fek’Ihri Fe’rang comes equipped with the Open the Maw of Gre’thor console. This powerful console launches a flaming skull in front of your starship, dealing significant fire damage to all foes it passes through. The passage of this ghastly phenomenon will leave behind Lost Souls of Gre’thor for a short duration to torment any nearby foes.

This console additionally provides a passive boost to Fire Damage, Auxiliary Power, and Starship Structural Integrity.

This console mod can be equipped on any starship in any console slot. You may only equip one of these consoles.

Fiery Entrance (Starship Trait)

Upon reaching Level 5 in your Fe’rang Dreadnought Carrier [T6], you will unlock the Fiery Entrance Starship Trait. While this trait is slotted, activating Narrow Sensor Bands or launching Hangar Pets will cause your ship to pulse waves of fire around it, with a chance to confuse any enemies affected.

Hangar Pets - Lost Souls of Gre'thor

 These fearsome hangar pets come with this ship, and may be slotted on any Fek’Ihri Carrier. Additionally, if you own the Kar’Fi Battle Carrier, you may equip the S’Kul Fighters on this Dreadnought Carrier.

Lost Souls of Gre'thor

Availability: EC Store
Restrictions: Fek'Ihri Fe’rang Dreadnought Carrier & Kar’Fi Carrier

Claw Swipe
Flame Breath
Ferocious Charge

Advanced Lost Souls of Gre'thor

Availability: Dilithium Store
Restrictions: Fek'Ihri Fe’rang Dreadnought Carrier & Kar’Fi Carrier

Claw Swipe
Flame Breath
Ferocious Charge
Psionic Shockwave

Elite Lost Souls of Gre'thor

Availability: Fleet Shipyard
Restrictions: Fek'Ihri Fe’rang Dreadnought Carrier & Kar’Fi Carrier

Claw Swipe
Flame Breath
Ferocious Charge
Superior Psionic Shockwave


NOTE: The above stats and systems are subject to change.

Jette “CrypticSpartan” Leavens
Systems Designer
Star Trek Online


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