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Console swaps
Most of the time I will equip my ship(s) for defense against Phasers/Disruptors...Plasma/Tetryon and Poloran/Antiproton.  If I only have two load outs for said ship I usually double up the consoles for Pha/DisPla/Tet and load out with Pla/TetPol/Ap. And I swap out shield that protects whatever energy the enemy uses.  

For ground I usually have 4 bo’s with armor and shields for each of the three energy pairs. 

Sure, sometimes I use things that protect all energy equally, but my question is does anyone else swap out items according to the foe? Or do you just have a blanket of protection across the board?
I prefer "blanket" protecion, if any. Bellum Triburnium and Bellum Monotanium Consoles (1 of each) is quite nice

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Right since they have been introduced it’s helped out...plating/armorwise.

I was thinking it might be helpful for a new player to know what to equip and when to. I have lists of the missions, who you fight and how to protect written up. I do t use it much anymore but if there isn’t something like that on this group, maybe I should post it. Although I’m not sure how many new ppl we have here.

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