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Duty Officer Assignments paying out most Dil
Because that’s what it’s all about, right? How much damn Dilithium can I get?
Since I don’t know what anybody else does, and I only know what I am doing while playing this game I posted a few times about the DIl rewards from duty officer assignments. But attached to this thread is (hopefully I did it right) three pics of my list of what I do or try to do every day per toon for duty officers.

I am trying to get all purple duty officers for my main toon, which is Dante. He has mostly blue and mostly purple, very little green doffs.   I get a lot of critical‘s with him as far as duty officer assignments go. So if you take the time and spend the EC to get the duty officers that you need for these assignments, You should bring in a good amount of the Dil every day. I have a post with the amount I earned in the month of December, if you care to see.

 It’s very little work for the pay out.

.pdf   new doc 2019-12-15 05.27.50_20191215053709.pdf (Size: 1.2 MB / Downloads: 4)

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