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THE GREEN KOBOLD (Ed's Fek'Ihri Fe'rang Carrier Dreadnought)
[Image: green-kobold-ship.png]
Quote: "Muhaha!"

The ship from the Winter Event 2019 is one of the best ships I have seen in Star Trek Online. Here is my setup (KDF Engineer)


[Image: kobold-setup-en-loadout.png]

Skill Tree
[Image: kobold-setup-en-skills.png]

Traits & Bridge Officers

[Image: kobold-setup-en-traits.png]

Board Drill & Duty Officers
[Image: kobold-setup-en-drill.png]

What I bother to explain
The firing mode BO Abilities BW Fire at Will, Torpedo Spread & Scatter Vollley
  • create AOE DPS (elementary)
  • trigger the Prevailing Innervated Impulse Engines -> Agility. They are spread to achieve a smooth flight.
  • trigger the Protomatter Matrix Infusers -> Heal -> Temporary Hit Points per Hull Image Refractors (preemptive healing)
  • trigger the Superior Area Denial trait -> debuff enemies & damage boost for the S'kul Fighters
Thanks to TiberiusJP who did that design and made a video on Tribble!

Don't mind the 144K dps, look into the tank section:
[Image: kobold-setup-isa-scm.png]

[Image: sig-001.png]
i think i am going to use this build on my Styx dreadnought. thank ya Ed

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