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Suggested Duty Officers
Suggest Duty Officers  
These are the types of doff’s that I have found are needed to run all or as many as available assignments that pay out 50-500 dilithium.  They all have different rotations, and cooldowns and I have not got into that at all, but I do have attachments of a spreadsheet of my toons doing mostly Doff assignments, Admirality and some reputation.  That will give you an idea of the amount of dil you can earn, without actually playing the game.  
These doff’s will be used over and over, and the better they are, the more criticals you may get, and you get more dil for criticals.I pay attention to the order I do the assignments as well, getting ones that require abilities like Shroud, Telekinesis or Telepathy out first...you don’t want to miss out on a mission in for example Engineering because your last remaining Explosives Expert with resolve is off in an unsanctioned combat arena or in therapy with some counselor. 
  • Development 
Any officer w/telekinesis (1) 
Civilians w/emotional (3) 
Any officer w/aggressive, NO unruly (8) 
Any officer w/resilient (1) 
Colonists (white quality-buy 10 or 20. They bring in 500 dil     anywhere in space, and also an additional 500 dil in various  
areas in space (I will add these once I find my list) [/size]
  • Engineering 
Explosives Expert w/resolve (8) 
Quartermaster w/resolve (5) 
Fabrication Engineers (2) 
Sensory officer w/telekinesis (2) 
Any officer w/logic NO emotion (2) 
Any officer w/shroud (2) 
  • Medical 
Refugee w/telepathy (1) 
Counselor w/resolve (1) 
Doctor w/resolve (3) 
  • Military 
Security w/telekinesis (1) 
Security w/resolve (11) 
Any (security) officer w/agro, honor & teamwork (2) 
  • Science 
     Astrometric Scientist w/telekinesis (2)  
Note: These are a bitch to      find...I had to settle for a white   one, just saying.  
Biologist w/shroud (2) 
Research Lab w/shroud (2) 
Develop Lab w/telekinesis (2) [/size]



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