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STO/Cryptic:10th Anniversary Legendary Starship Bundles
10th Anniversary Legendary Starship Bundles

In celebration of our tenth anniversary, Star Trek Online is releasing one of the biggest bundles we've ever put out. Ten of the most iconic ships in Star Trek history, in not one, but two legendary bundles. The ten ships in these bundles will have all new stats, and each come with their own unique, brand new look. In addition, each ship will come with all of the costumes, consoles, and traits of its previous releases. We'll be revealing what ships will be a part of the bundles over time, but we can reveal right now that both bundles will release on February 13th on PC, and a few weeks after the March 3rd Launch of our 10th Anniversary Update on Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Click on the buttons below to see the details of each ship as we release them, and see below the buttons for the details on what else these bundles contain.



10th Anniversary Legendary Starship Standard Bundle


Cost: 30000 Zen
Opening Sale Price: 19500 Zen
20+ Ship Costumes, Including One New, Exclusive Costume for Each Ship
All of the Ships' Consoles and Traits
10 Ship Slots (Once Per Account)


10th Anniversary Legendary Starship Premium Bundle

Cost: 45000 Zen
Opening Sale Price: 29300 Zen
20+ Ship Costumes, Including One New, Exclusive Costume for Each Ship
All of the Ships' Consoles and Traits
10 Ship Slots (Once Per Account)
10 Master Keys (Once Per Account)
10 Infinity Research and Development Packs (Once Per Account)
10 Enhanced Universal Tech Upgrades (Once Per Account)
10 Phoenix Prize Packs (Once Per Account)
100 Lobi (Once Per Account)
1 Epic Phoenix Prize Pack Token (Once Per Account)
10,000 Dilithium Ore (Once Per Account)
Exclusive Title: Legend of the Quadrants


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