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STO/Cryptic:PC Patch Notes for 2/13/20
PC Patch Notes for 2/13/20


Resolved an issue that could prevent some players from purchasing the Picard Bundle.
Resolved an issue that would prevent completion of the “Khitomer in Stasis” TFO.
Borg enemies should now consistently beam out after dying in all cases.



Updated the Ship Vendor UI:

The ship vendor now shows information about scaling for ships that scale with your level.
For those ships, the ship vendor now displays hitpoints at multiple levels.
The ship vendor info section now shows if a ship can use dual cannons, has an experimental weapon slot, or has a secondary deflector slot.
For starships that come with a mastery path, the ship vendor now shows that mastery path, as well as your current progress in that ship's mastery (if any).

Updated the Ship Drydock UI:

For ships with a mastery path, the Drydock UI now tells you if you have completed the mastery on that ship or not.

Resolved an issue where starship base hitpoints would be displayed incorrectly for some starships while on ground maps.
Added additional messaging for purchase requirements at lower levels when attempting to make a purchases where the requirements had not been met.
Added additional messaging for equip requirements when attempting to equip an item that is not allowed to be equipped.



Minor visual updates to the Galaxy-class Exploration Cruiser and Galaxy-class Dreadnought.



The Kelvin Timeline Heavy Command Cruiser [T6] can now use any of the standard Federation bridges, in addition to the "Kelvin Constitution" interior.


Known issue:

The description of the new starship trait in the text block for 9 of the 10 new ships within the new 10th Anniversary Legendary Starship Bundle, is incorrect in the Ship Vendor.

The correct description of these starship traits can be viewed by mousing over the Starship Trait the new Ship Mastery component of the Ship Vendor.



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