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Breen Uniform shtuff
I Breen Uniform Guide

The Breen adaption suit is worn by personnel of the Breen confederacy and Breen militia. The following is what I found online about their ranks, and color. None of this is set in stone it’s just what I’ve noticed or read.

The H’ren are ensigns.  They wear helmets with the flat circular plate on top. Bright green visor and a beige suit.  


H’ren Medics
These have Cyan visors, armored module on back of helmet w/tubes to shoulder pads. The suit is white and shoulder pads pointy. 

[H’ren Medic](https://sto.gamepedia.com/H%27ren_Medic)

H’ren Sentry
Their uniform is identical to basic H'ren soldiers, featuring a glowing green visor and a basic, beige refrigeration suit. While only armed with a feeble pistol as primary weapon, the Sentry's true strength lies in his ability to create Cryonic Mortars


H’ren Bio-engineer
This Breen wears the common uniform, featuring a glowing blue visor and a basic, whitish refrigeration suit. Additionally, a bulky collar around the neck and the pointy shoulder pads.


These Breen are similar to Lieutenant Junior Grade. They are distinguished by their bulky, armored dark brown suits with chest gear belt and greenish blue/cyan visors, as well as a tall metal semicircular crest on their helmets. These helmets also have the double barreled about.  Added machinery for heavy weapons on their right arm.  


Vel’sh Scientist
They appear simillar to Ak'cheds in build, but have a purple visor and lack the Ak'ched's distinctive head crest.

[Vel’sh Scientist](https://sto.gamepedia.com/Vel%27sh_Scientist)

Vel’sh Tactician
They appear simillar to Ak'cheds in build, but have a white visor and lack the Ak'ched's distinctive head crest.

[Vel’sh Tactician](https://sto.gamepedia.com/Vel%27sh_Tactician)

Thot is currently the highest known rank found in the Breen military, and is roughly equivalent to an Admiral or Captain. They are similar to Ak'cheds in appearance, but are taller, bulkier and come equipped with specialized breathing apparatus’ and large bulky backpacks. The helmets possess an orange or red visor. The snout of their helmets are armored as well as their necks and shoulders.  There is a cranial bulge on the helmets with heavy machinery on the snout.

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