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STO Energy Types and Resistance
STO Energy

Borg, Crystaline Entity, Iconian, Fek’Ihri, Malon Sphere Builders, Terran, Undine & Voth
Cardassians, Elachi, Gorn, Klingon, Nausican, Orion, Reman & Romulan Empire, True Way
Cardasians, Federation, Hurq, Kazan, Octani, Terran, True Way & Xindi-Aqutic & Reptilian 
Borg, Idran Swarmer, Kentari, Na’kuhl, Romulan Republic, Son’a, Turei, Tal Shiar, Vulcan & Xindi-Insectoid & Primate
Breen, Dominion/Jem’Hadar, Hazari, Hierarchy, Kobali, Krenim & Vaaduwar
APU, Benthan, Caitian, Ferengi, Hirogen, Talaxian, Tholian, Tzenkethi & Vorgon
Space Armor/Plating

Diburnium-high Phaser & Disruptor resistance 

Electroceramic-high Plasma & Tetryon resistance 

Parametallic- high Polaron & Antiproton resistance
Ablative-moderate Phaser, Disruptor, Plasma & Tetryon resistance

Tetraburnium-moderate Plasma, Tetryon, Polaron & Antiproton resistance 
Monotanium offers good Kinetic & Physical resistance

Neutronium & Duranium Alloys off medium to low resistance to all damages

Ground Armor

Energy Dampening 
Energy & kinetic , but no physical protection
Int. Targeting 
Basic protection with Critical Hit chance. (SNIPERS)
PhysicL Augmented 
Basic protection with increased Physical Protection (MELEE)
Basic protection with increased critical hit damage (DISHES WHILE TAKING)
Pollyalloy Weave
Good physical and basic energy protection
Ground Shields

Extra capacity and rapid regen
Energy Harness 
10% energy buff with chance to damage 
Knock back chance, chance to damage (USE WITH phys. Aug. shields)
When I want resistance consoles, I go for hourly Projects to get Discovery Rep Consoles:

BELLUM TRIBURNIUM - Resistance vs. all 6 Energy Types and Critical Hit
BELLUM MONOTANIUM - Resistance vs, Physical and Kinetic and Critical Hit

[Image: sig-001.png]
Right,now that these are available, it’s all we need.

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