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I Finally Joined the Website
Hello everybody.

After much difficulty, I was finally able to register on this site. If you hear about someone having difficulty registering, you can send new members to me as I have figured out a few things.

I grew up and currently live in Los Angeles. As a child, I watched the original series, and as a young adult, I viewed Next Generation. After a few decades of not watching much trek, I gave myself the challenge to go through the episodes in in-universe order by following the Star Trek Chronology Project. https://thestartrekchronologyproject.blogspot.com.

As a result of wanting to experience Star Trek in another light, I began playing "Star Trek Online" in the summer of 2019. I am using a 2019 iMac which I reboot in Windows. I can not find anyone else who is using their Mac to play STO.

My best advice for players new and experienced is to take some time to enjoy the scenery that the developers have created. In other words, take time to smell the roses. They can be pretty beautiful or a least dramatic. 

I am currently playing a federation science toon using the Eternal Temporal ship. I do not have much experience playing the other professions or factions.

I also enjoy walking with my wife, traveling and I occasionally practice meditation.

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