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Account Name: @gracendanger

Character Names: mongoose

Your Current Rank: ensign

Time Zone:est

How did you get into Star Trek Online? can't remember

How long have you been playing for? quite a while. I've stopped and started  several times. Even started a separate account from when i couldn't remember the original information. When I did remember it was nice getting my old characters back.

What would be your best piece of advice to a new STO player? have fun.

What’s your favourite career type (Engineering, Science or Tactical)? engineering

What’s your favourite ship? i like different ships for different reasons. Wish we could more modify the ones we like the looks of.

What’s your best and worst STO moment? I can't think of a best moment. One of the worst was a rules change that basically punished long time players. I can't remember  the specifics but i quit for some years. Sounds petty, but I had been able to play an otherwise weak build (and it took a lot of time getting to where i could make it work).

What are some of your other interests? until i can overcome my addiction to this box it's almost like I have none of my old interests. 

What’s your favourite band? It changes depending on mood.  Lynyrd skynyrd is usually on the list as I think of 'Tuesdays Gone' as kind of my theme song.

Anything else you want to say? I joined for selfish reasons. Luckily, to able to benefit, one must contribute, so I don't feel too bad. Also I don't mind helping others when I can. I wouldn't mind trying to play in a group but tend to be shy.

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