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Bridge Officers on Ground - awesome crews
Obvious - the Jem'Hadar
Jem'Hadar are tough fighters. A Crew of Jem'Hadar or Vanguard Jem Hadar BOffs, plus that tactician from the mission Facility 4028 is that team of henchmen every super villain dreams of. Sorry, Minions.

Meet The Photonic Phour!
Thanks to the DS9 Lockbox from Victory is Life, we can buy these Officers at the Exchange.

They boldly go created a serious PR issue for the NPC. So wrong. And sad. Are you aware that he is the only NPC in that mission that actually cares for you when you have to handle your greatest ordeal? Even more able than the famous GEORDIE holo BOff he is already a Command Specialist
that Jem'hadar is the man you call when things go wrong. His Pilot Specialization is not so impressive on ground, but he can be trained.
A Bajoran that does not cause much annoyance. Noteworthy. And a Command Specialist.
In Home that lady gives us one of the greatest voice overs ever. She is specialized for Command duties, just as we can expect from a Vorta.

Veterans! FOUR Veterans!
That is the secret juice in that crew: 4 Veterans raising your resistances/defenses.
It's Stacking!

Even greater with some tweaks
Temporal Agents
Command Officers
I am sure that these Crews can carry their Captain King

[Image: sig-001.png]

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