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video card problems
Sadly yestarday my GTX 970 from zotac started turning off at ramdom, meaning its probably dying, though it somehow works sometimes i cant use it anylonger since it became extremly frecuent, also the card i am using now which is a gtx 660 is a backup card but it already had overheating problems when i changed it for the gtx 970, sadly right now i am unable to change or get a new card and i am not sure if there will be an oportunity for that since by normal employment in my country pays about 10$ a month i am unsure if i am ever gonna be able to overcome this problem, hence i am writting this since i might even not try to play with the gtx 660 because the overheating it has goes for over 85 celcius and while using the fan to 60% does make it a bit more stable to play, the fan is being too loud in a bad way, meaning it might need oil, sadly i dont know how to open the gtx 660 like i did with the gtx 970, so i am unable to make a fix for it and since i got almost no money for it unless a miracle happens i cant do much or play that much for the time being, just posting thi s to let you guys know since i am really unsure if i am gonna be able to play with a pace of mind again for a few months or maybe never again since i dont see what i can do to earn the money needed to fix my pc issues

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