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Skill Tree Revamp for Space - Ed's Treasure Map
Science Captains can not teach Hazard Emitters III any longer!
                                                                                                  Player known to the Author

I made a map where to find your current skills in the new and shiney Skill Tree System. I explored the tree on Tribble, so some things may change. Testing with a Tactician was nice, Science Testers are hit by a bug. For now, you should make a screen shot of your current skill settings. Now.

The not so secret Map Code
The new plate has no labels, just tooltips. I added names (sometimes with a hint) and used a bit typography:
In the new system
  • some skills are like those we already know
  • other skills HAVE MANY HATS
  • some are entirely new
All treelets/chains got Numberz by row and column and the leafs are a,b & c. See Hull Restoration (Starship Hull Repair) and HULL PLATING (Starship Hull Plating & Starship Armor Reinforcements) as samples.
Points spent in Engineering, Science and Tactics unlock Bridge Officer Manuals and additional Skills (on each skill node pick one of two options) for that profession. E.g. with some points spent in Engineering you can pick either Starship Batteries or Starship Subsystem Repair at E2. Grab them all!
On the right side I noted at each current skill which tree, leafs and/or unlock to pick if you want to have that skill after the change gets life.

The Map
[Image: skill-revamp-port.png]

Bridge Officer Training Manuals

Tactician Catriona can not make a Beam Weapons: Fire at Will-3 manual. However she got the ability to train Cannons: Rapid Fire 3 and (currently BOff-only) Cannons: Scatter Volley 3
Manual Skills are unlocked automatically when you spent a certain number of skills in a profession.
Beam Weapons: Fire at Will-3 is unlocked for Tactician if they spend 12 points in Science skills. 17 points spent in would unlock Beam Weapon Overload-3.
46 points we have. To cover all Bridge Officer Manuals, you would need 51. If you want to create training manuals for every skill you need two Captains caring for them.
The befuddled Science Captain would have gotten Hazard Emitters-3 with 2 points spent in Engineering. Anywhere in Engineering. The old System requires 6 ticks in Starship Hull Repair.


P.S.: make a screen shot of your current skill settings. Now.

[Image: sig-001.png]
Thanks to @scissorlizard for the heads up:

[Image: sig-001.png]
The Skill Tree system shall be released April 12

Screenshot your current builds now. Cool

[Image: sig-001.png]
See a very useful collection of links
made by Armada mate daBelgrave. Peace

[Image: sig-001.png]
Grrr, Just saw this post today and I have not taken a screen shot of my skills.  I wanted to repec anyways so I will have to look at some good tactical set ups for dps and use those as a template.

Found this video for a tactical skill tree set up. Thoughts?
Hi I need a little help don't really understand this new skill system (I'm hopeless I know!) would like to recreate my old build as much as possible,thanks for any help!


This is a more balanced approach. Excellent video explaining the difference between the old system and new.
(04-12-2016, 04:48 PM)caton524 Wrote: Found this video for a tactical skill tree set up. Thoughts?


Stop well... that is a science ship, I would not use that for a Tac or Engineering Captain.

[Image: sig-001.png]
This is the skill tree I use for two my Tactical Captains, flying all-beams Quas Flight Deck Cruisers. I build with survival in mind. Shrek, flying the ANGST, did 37K dps in his first ISA after the revamp (was 28K in the old days). Irina, w/o any Reputation and a Mk XII purple loadout (Fleet Consoles, Fleet Warp Core, Aegis Set) did 25K in her first ISA ever, at lvl 52, today.

[Image: sample-skills-tac-beams-cruiser.png]

If you want to support Torpedoes, my Candidates for Repurposal are the 3rd picks in Weapon Amplification, Weapon Specialization, Energy Weapon Training.

Update: at Level 54, with some T2 Reputation Space traits and with the Emergency Weapon Cycle trait from the Kurak Battle Cruiser, Irina parsed beyond 30K dps...

[Image: sig-001.png]
Here is My Main Science Vulcan "Tactical Tetryon" setup. I truly feel I may want more points in Warp Core Efficiency and Potential on the Admiral Tier. The Shield and Hull Capacity (Lieutenant) I allocated along with the special unlocks was overkill perhaps, but more up front might lend to more survivable play. I figure I can respec and put at least these 2 points to Warp Core Efficiencies.

I find my Turn rate in the Nandi, with my Tachyokinetic and other RCS boosts to be better than before the patch, noticeably. The Readiness skills are small benefits, but, a 10% bonus on recharge is hard to pass up Dodgy


This is the skill tree of Edar'Ta, Romulan Science Officer. She commands the DISCORDIA, a Paradoxon Dreadnought, made for war.

[Image: sample-skills-sci-offensive.png]

Happy at 30K+ in the old system, she parses shy of 40K in the new tree system. The DISCORDIA is not the toughest ship I ever made, but can take some beating anyway Cool

[Image: sig-001.png]
(04-12-2016, 06:09 PM)RangerRyu Wrote: Hi I need a little help don't really understand this new skill system (I'm hopeless I know!) would like to recreate my old build as much as possible,thanks for any help!

The green X markers would be my selections for a direct port. 8 more points can be spent, if I count correctly.
My suggestions for the remaining 8 points are the orange Y markers.
In the unlock bars you will find things "missing", e.g. Batteries and Threat Control, pick at your discretion.
[Image: ryu-port.png]

I hope this helps Smile

[Image: sig-001.png]

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